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Self-directed Career Coaching tools

As well as providing a wealth of video, bite-sized text resources and downloads, the portal provides a suite of interactive career coaching and cpd tools, drawn from the best career coaching practices. These include the unique CareerPulse Healthcheck, an optional Career Map Explorer tailored to your organisation, and a flexible tool for professionals to plan and record their CPD.

  • The CareerPulse™ Healthcheck enables individuals to analyse their career health, focus on the attitudes and behaviours that will help them to take more ownership of their career development and achieve career satisfaction.

    Based on 7 key aspects of career agility it provides individuals with feedback on their current career health, with suggested actions for further development.

    Career Health, 7 Dimensions: Spot the Opportunities / Adapt to Change / Know yourself / Build your network / Build your brand / Reflect and plan / Stretch yourself

    Cumulative data provides a pulse on overall levels of engagement and satisfaction, giving organisations an insight into the career challenges and needs facing their employees.
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  • The Career Map ExplorerTM is an optional career pathing and career mapping software tool. It enables employees to explore your organisational career framework in a new way, learning about the wide range of career options and career paths available, and assessing themselves against the requirements of a function at a particular level. From the results, individuals can review suggested actions, and create a practical action plan of next steps to build their experience and skills. Where needed we can also provide consultancy support to help you define your career framework.

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  • Unlock Potential with Be Bold in your Career

    Be Bold is a pioneering online career development course, developed from 20 years experience working with top international employers. It is designed to unlock an individual’s career potential in just 2 hours a week.

    Organisations today need agile employees who use their talents to the full, build new capabilities and transition easily between roles.

    Individuals want to develop and grow in their careers, yet lack career management skills.

    Often there’s an over-reliance on managers to provide career growth, and if this isn’t forthcoming, employees get stuck – or leave.

    Be Bold is a scaleable, flexible course that equips people to drive their career development and prepare for the future of work.

    • “I have become the driver for my own career”

    • “Inclusive, encouraging, motivating”

    • “It pushed me out of my comfort zone”

    Be Bold, 2017

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    What’s involved?

    Participants can learn from anywhere, at a time that suits them.

      • Online videos and coaching tools

        Motivational Online Videos and Coaching Tools

      • conv

        Live Webinars

    • conv

      Discussion Forums

    Career experts Rosemary McLean and Valerie Rowles support participants over 8 core weeks to:

    • Review their career journey and clarify career direction
    • Leverage their professional network
    • Explore future workplace trends, identifying opportunities to futureproof their careers
    • Evaluate their career management skills and build new career capabilities
    • Develop a career brand
    • Seize growth opportunities
    • Rehearse career conversations that work and create a sustainable career and professional development plan

    Who will benefit?

    Be Bold equips people to get the most out of their work at any career stage. It’s proven especially valuable for people in mid-career, including people with limited progression opportunities and those experiencing change at work.

    By investing in career development, organisations increase engagement with work, support people to reskill for future work challenges and improve internal mobility.

    The next Be Bold course starts on 30 September 2019. Invest in careers by registering your interest today (and by 23 September).

    Develop Careers with Be Bold

    We’d love to hear from you if your organisation is interested in offering Be Bold in your Career.

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    Achieve your best future

    Individuals can take part in the next Be Bold public course.

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    “I can honestly say it has completely changed my outlook and the opportunities open to me. Some of the best investment of my time that I have ever made for my career”
    Be Bold, 2017

  • The Ci Zone provides a flexible CPD system and tools for planning and recording:

    • Users can create their own career and professional development plan with our CPD tools
    • As they take action, users can record these on-the-go using a mobile interface
    • Career plans and CPD (CPE or PDP) plans can be tracked on our CPD tools, with automated reminders
    • Reports can be exported from the CPD system, with templates for different purposes or institutes
    • Guidance helps users make realistic career/development plans they can achieve
    • Emphasises experiential and social learning, as well as formal courses (“70:20:10”)

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